AOL mail password recovery tips

AOL is a huge internet service and multimedia company based in America. Emailing service is one of the main services that AOL is known for. AOL users are able to receive emails, compose and send emails to any other email account exists around the world.

Just like other email portals, AOL also secure your accounts with password. You may call on AOL phone number to know more about AOL services and password protection. Your AOL password acts like a fingerprint, which is unique and set by you only. It protects your account from suspicious users and is your identity to authenticate your ownership of the account. I recommend you to choose a strong password which contains alphabets, numerals and special characters. A strong password plays the role of a guard of your account.

Following are some questions that users have come up with.

My AOL account has been suspended, what to do?

What should I do if somebody hacked my email account?

“Invalid Password” popup keeps prompting on “Sign in” screen of AOL, why?

How to recover AOL password without phone number

In such cases, you can follow the below mentioned steps which are about How to reset Aol password? Some of the users contact customer support. But this is not a difficult talk and can be resolved on your own.

  • Go to AOL sign in page.

  • Fill in your email address.

  • Click on “Forgot Password”

  • Answer your “Account’s Security Question”.

  • In the “Account Security” section, click on “Change Password”.

  • Here, provide your “Old Password” and enter your “New Password” (choose a password which you can remember for long)

  • Now click on “Save” to finish the password reset process.

  • Check the new password is working or not by signing in again into your AOL account.

It is done, if you successfully logged into your account with the new password that means your password has been reset.

Following are some complaints which AOL users placed to get help. Most of such users dial Aol password recovery phone number to get quick and prompt help in resetting their accounts password.

Their questions are as follows :

I don't have backup options, and I do not remember my AOL password. Is there any way to reset without calling AOL?

I am trying to change password but where it says Enter what you see above there is a blank screen? How can I set the password when I am not getting any letters in the box above to type in?

I recently changed my number, because I deactivated the first one due to some reason, how can I reset my password without the help of my phone number?

I can't reset my AOL password as it is asking to provide US contact number that I do not have anymore as I moved out of country, how can I reset my password?

How to recover AOL password without phone number

You can follow the below mentioned steps about “how to recover AOL password without phone number” in case you also do not have any phone number registered with AOL to recover your password.

  • Go to AOL sign in page.

  • Click on “Forgot Password”.

  • On the password verification page, provide your “Screen Name” or “e-mail address”.

  • Type the letters and numbers from the image in the “Word In Image”box.

  • Click on “Next”.

  • Choose any one of the appeared options according to your knowledge.

  • Click on “Submit”.

  • Provide your alternate email address that you had provided at the time of registration.

  • Or from the drop-down menus you can select your “Birth Date”, select your “Gender” after that type the “ZIP Code” that you had provided at the time of registration.

  • Type the answer for your Account Security Question in the “Your Answer” box

  • Click on “Submit”.

  • Now, choose and type your new password in both the boxes.

  • Click on “Submit”.

Your password is now reset and you can try signing in again to see if it is working. If you are still unable to get into your account, you may contact AOL customer care anytime. However, there are some useful software's which can save your passwords for you or you can get there online access. The best way to remember your password is to note down the passwords and your user ids in one of your very personal dairies.