Google Account Password Recovery Phone Number

Lost your Google password? Nothing to worry as it can be recoverable with just few troubleshooting steps. You can recover your Google account with three ways. So lets began with How to recover hacked Google account?

Google Account Password Recovery

If accidentally, somebody knows your password, then it is might possible that the password get shared and any person can log in to your account and misuse it. So here it is discussed, what a user should do if he found that his account is hacked.

  1. If you are still able to login, then immediately go to Settings.

  2. Then click on the tab, Account & Settings.

  3. Then scroll and click on Change Password.

  4. User will be asked to confirm. Press Yes.

  5. Then enter the old password and then the new password.

  6. Retype the new password to confirm.

  7. Save the Settings.

  8. Close all the windows and login with the new password.

The password should be strong, more than 8 characters long and should not have any kind of personal information. The password should be alphanumeric and it is strictly advised not to share the password with anyone.

How to recover hacked Google account?

The things becomes worst when you found that your account is hacked and at the same time , you are not able to login to your account. This means hacker had changed the password. So, lets discuss How to recover hacked Google account if user is not able to login?

  1. User has three options to reset the new password. Go to login page and then click on the link, Forgot Password.

  2. The next screen will ask user to enter the complete Google id and click Next.

  3. Then user have to follow the on screen instructions. User will be asked to enter any alternate email id.

  4. If there is no one then enter any Google account recovery phone number where user can receive the notification as a text.

  5. If there is no phone number then user will be asked to provide the answers of the security questions.

  6. If user have any one of the option available then he can reset the new password.

What if user doesn't have any of the options? Then How to recover account without security question? Either user should have an alternate email id or a phone number. If both are not there then he should have security questions to answer. If he has forgotten the answers then the only way to recover the account is to fill a form. User is advised to provide as much information as he can. On that basis, Google will try to identify the user and then user have to provide an email id or phone number where Google can send the notification to reset the password.

Call at the Google account recovery phone number if there is any kind of problem in resetting the password or recovering the account. The phone service is 24/7 active for all.