Now Send The Emails Through Gmail In An Effective Way- Get SMTP Settings In Step Wise Format

To send the email successfully, you may need the correct SMTP setting. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol denoted as SMTP and it allows the users to send the email to other Webmail clients. SMTP differs for the different Web Clients.

If you are a Gmail users and need the SMTP setting, then follow the instructions listed below:

  • First of all, Go to the Account Section of the Gmail.

  • Click on the Email Server Setting and select POP3 and IMAP Server setting.

  • Select the IMAP and under the Incoming Mail Server, enter your username, password and in the section of the server, enter

  • The port number should be 993.

  • Make Sure to Enable the SSL security mode.

  • For the Outgoing Mail server (SMTP), enter username, password and under the server section, enter

  • Keep the port number as 587.

  • For security protection, enable the TLS/SSL.

While making changes in the Email Server Setting, make sure to enter all the details in a correct way, if any data is missing, then you may encounter the issue and won't be able to send the emails. To prevent any issue, enter the entire details in a regular format. If you still facing issue than contact Gmail toll free number 1-855-925-7079 and get solution.